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We are glad to welcome you on the updated The site has changed its owner, but we will do our best to make enjoyable content for you and provide products similar to those that were on the site before as well as new paper games, entertainments, and more!

How come that the site changed its owner?

My name is Elena and I live in Moscow, Russia. In April 2019, I got interested in the subject of paper crafts and began to search for information on the Internet. At first, I was interested in polygonal animal figures - it looked amazing! Made merely from white paper, standing in a real green forest - these pictures impressed me a lot! I discovered the world of papercraft.

Then I remembered somewhere Google had PDFs for simple paper crafts that could be freely downloaded, printed and glued together. I also remembered the origami technique. And also one book from my childhood, which my sister showed me. It was one of the spring days on the eve of summer. I sat at home and either played or did homework... well, I was not so busy. :) Sister entered the room in an excited-admired state and said: "Come with me! I'll show you something incredible! You like math, don't you?". She led me to the library, which was across the road from us. The library was for adults (my sister just got an admission into its halls) and we had to convince the librarian that, accompanied by my older sister, I could enter the hall, that I would behave appropriately, would be allowed only to books that I could understand, and I will treat them with care and respect. The whole procedure was somewhat stressful and took some time. Then my sister named the book's author and title and we received a thick book of large format, decorated in black and white. She opened it. On glossy pages, I saw shapes that looked as if they were protruding above the page. "Imagine, these three-dimensional shapes could be made of one flat sheet! And absolutely without cuts and gluings!"

I have been looking for this book very long time. Of course, I can't recall the author, nor the title...

I think you know how modern search engines work. They seeing what interests you and immediately begin to offer you similar topics and sites. So I happened to come across the site of a Japanese professor of mathematics who wrote a small program that helps to create and visualize figures from origami and reliefs from a flat sheet. I don't found that book, but I find similar site!

The whole weekend I was exploring paper worlds - origami, volumetric figures and relief sheets, paper dolls, games and toys, and even paper theatres! One of the sites that came across then was By that time, I've known that I want to make my website and had been looking for a domain name. I even contacted that Japanese professor-mathematician (we will postpone this story, I will tell you about it later) and received permission from him to use his programs in my work.

And when I came across this domain name, I saw that the site seemed to be either abandoned or just was not developed for a long time ... but! It struck me what I saw in the section of paper theatres! These were three wonderful fairy tales, the first on the list of them was "Peter and the Wolf" by Prokofiev! Wow! A musical tale of a Russian composer on a Spanish site! The second was "The Magic Flute" by Mozart! Awesome! "Cinderella" closed the list. This fact impressed me so much! By that time, I thought about making sets for paper theatres based on folktales. Not only in Russian, but also in Ukrainian (by the way, the story of the library took place in Ukraine), in Italian, German, English, French and others, which I can find, illustrate and adapt for my works. And here ... Prokofiev, Mozart, Perrault! I appreciated the taste of the former owner.

I also noticed that the domain name is expiring. And today, I checked whether that the domain was free and decided that such a good and interesting business should not be lost in history. I do not know who is the woman who created and maintained the previous site (I only know that her name is Sara Barcello), but would be great getting to know her once. If you are reading these lines now, write me? I am eager to know your story. If you are a fan of a former site, I would also be greatly interested to know what you liked on the old site and what you would like to see here on this site.

That was the story - I apologize if it was too confusing. :) Perhaps, one day I will tell you something from the history of the emergence of the project. At the moment, I just want to say: the plans are to place here paper dolls, 3D paper models, paper theatres, and much, much more. I would be more than grateful if you support the project.


You are welcome!


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